Based in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago, Artisan Markets hosts events that promote the beautiful (and delicious) handmade work of local artists, crafters, bakers and chefs.  

Interested in being a selected artist/maker for an upcoming event?
Artisan Markets are juried events to help ensure a wide variety of hand/home made products for the customers.
Click Here for Current Applications Available

Eat and Shop at these Upcoming 2023 Events...

November 25, 2023 - Elara Convention Center, Holiday Inn Crystal Lake
Concession Stand Food available
Free Admission: Tickets
Artists/Makers: Waitlist Application Available

December 10, 2023 -Wild Onion Brewery & Banquets in Lake Barrington
Restaurant Food available
Free Admission: Tickets
Artists/Makers: Waitlist Application Available

About Us and Our Events...

How was Artisan Markets born?

For years we have been vendors at shows; good, okay, bad and horrible shows. Then it came to us... Create a show artists will LOVE! We want to make participating in shows as easy and successful as possible. So taking everything we have learned over the years, it is our goal for you, the artist, to love your experience at our events. 

When was Artisan Markets established?
In 2022, we had our first 2 events. As of January 2023, we have 3 events planned for this year.

Who can apply to our events?
Artisan Markets only features HANDMADE and HOMEMADE work from local Artists, Crafters, Makers, Gardeners, Bakers and Chefs.
Do you make your item? Please Apply!
Do you sell someone else's product? You can not apply, but please come to Shop!

Flying solo at one of our events?
One issue we have seen in prior events is there was little to no staff walking around to see how the vendors were doing. At our events, you will see at least one of our staff members walking around at least every 1-1.5 hours to check on all of you, giving you bathroom breaks or seeing if you need anything in general.